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Why choose IDEAL A & M?

We have a broad appetite for Inland Marine and Ocean Marine exposures, Animal Mortality, and Farm & Ranch.

Our programs are available in all 50 states and Canada, and trusted by independent insurance agents and brokers nationwide.

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IDEAL Agriculture & Marine Insurance, a program of Wichert Insurance, is a program management entity that underwrites a wide variety of specialty coverages on marine forms.

We have a broad appetite for ocean marine and inland marine exposures, with a particular emphasis on Agriculture, Agribusiness and Animal Mortality exposures.

Our programs are available to producers throughout the United States. We can consider risks throughout the world, and most coverages are admitted for U.S. and Canadian exposures.

Pearls of Wisdom by John Stoesser

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Agricultural Insurance Equipment & Livestock Mortality

Our unique equipment programs provide very broad "all risks" type perils coverage, can be written on a Replacement Cost basis are admitted in all 50 states and placed with insurers rated by A.M. Best A+ (Superior) or better.

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Inland Marine Insurance Coverage that's as unique as your business.

We can help you identify their exposures and develop client specific insurance transfer options. Open market wholesale brokerage is also provided for insurance exposures falling outside of our underwriting program guidelines.

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Ocean Marine Insurance Expertise tailored to meet your clients' needs

As a Managing General Underwriter, we offer our expertise tailored to meet your clients' needs and backed by insurers rated A+ (Superior) or better by A.M. Best. Coverage is available in all 50 states and Canada on an admitted basis.

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IDEAL Agriculture & Marine Insurance Associations

IDEAL Agriculture & Marine Insurance, a product of Wichert Insurance, Inc.

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