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A Great Reminder

Sep 21 2020 From the hinterland of western Pennsylvania comes a reflective and encouraging article, serving as a reminder of keeping a proper perspective.https://www.farmprogress.com/c... Just earlier this morning, I was reading an piece published by the U.S. Census... more

Happy Birthday!!!

Sep 3 2020 Our two very favorite insured animals - Twins Ya Lun and Xi Lun at Zoo Atlanta - celebrate their 4th birthday today! IDEAL Agriculture & Marine Insurance has insured the twins' parents for almost a decade now, and have enjoyed watching the twin girls... more

Dairy Upbeat - Milk Prices to Stabilize

Aug 24 2020 What started as a year of trepidation is actually now playing out in a manner much more positive than anticipated. At the beginning of the year, after seeing a disheartening number of dairy farms fold in 2019, there was some optimism that prices could firm... more

New Tool for Fighting African Swine Fever

Aug 14 2020 In the continuing battle to develop weapons to fight ASF, the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, operated by the US Department of Homeland Security, announced the development of a cell line which potentially will allow a logarithmic increase in the capability... more

Very Encouraging News on PRRS

Aug 10 2020 Finally, some really promising good news for swine producers. 2020 has been the worst of a string of poor years, forcing losses across the entire industry at levels not seen before. Many factors have contributed to the state of the market, not the... more

Great News for Dairy

Jul 29 2020 Finally, news from the marketplace is providing some very much needed encouragement to America's dairy industry. After years of poor prices which have driven large number of dairying families out of the business, prices are finding far firmer ground. https://... more

COVID/Wuhan Dominos Continue to Fall in Animal Agriculture

Apr 14 2020 Adjusting to the new realities, even if relatively short lived, will not come without continuing difficulties. In the heart of mid-Atlantic poultry country, because of a COVID driven labor shortages, Allen Harim is selectively starting to issue depopulation... more

COVID/Wuhan Continuing to Take a Toll On Pork

Apr 13 2020 Smithfield announced the closure of one of the largest pork processing plants in the US because of the current virus pandemic. https://www.agriculture.com/ne... This makes a real dent in the US processing capacity, puts many employees at least temporarily... more

HPAI Raises Its Ugly Head Again

Apr 9 2020 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza has made an appearance again in South Carolina. After an absence in the United States of almost three years, a commercial turkey flock has tested positive for the H7N3 HPAI virus after incurring an abnormal mortality rate... more

COVID-19 / Wuhan Virus in Animals?

Mar 25 2020 Well, Fido may be our best friend, but we apparently have a new way for potentially doing him harm. A second dog from the same owner in Hong Kong has been confirmed as positive for the COVID-19 virus, after another elderly dog, also in Hong Kong, dies... more

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