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Sharing Troubles - Avian Flu Found in Dairy Cattle

Mar 26 2024 As if dairy producers didn't have enough challenges these days, High Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) has been positively found in some cases in dairy herds around the country. Unlike poultry, though, after a few weeks of decreased milk production, the cows... more

Sneaking Up on HPAI

Oct 12 2023 https://www.science.org/conten... This is really encouraging news. Research years in the making is showing some very promising potential in containing High Pathology Avian Influenza. To be sure, there are further years of research to come, but this news looks... more

Baby, It's Hot Out There!

Aug 9 2023 Heat stress is nothing to joke about, especially when considering animal transportation. For hogs, the larger the animal, the bigger the concern becomes. This is a great article providing some detailed information for best practices in hog transport, with... more

Keep 'em Moving!

Jul 26 2023 Radical actions taken by those opposed to animal agriculture almost always lead to further distress and harm to the animals involved. This is especially true when transport is interrupted.Many instances of large livestock being let loose from confinements,... more

Cool, Calm & Collected

Jul 12 2023 Low-stress handling is the goal. This article highlights a few simple, effective tips offered by Kansas State.https://www.ksal.com/keeping-c... more

Keeping Tack of CWD

May 25 2023 Interesting development - developing dogs to be a weapon in the battle against Chronic Wasting Disease and its spread. https://www.abc27.com/news/top... more

The Future is Here

Mar 22 2023 Combining electric power with automatic operation, Monarch MK-V electric tractors are poised to start regular commercial production within weeks. To be sure, there is a long way to go for electric vehicles to gain a significant share of the general... more

Avian Influenza Continues to Plague Poultry Industry

Feb 20 2023 2022 was the worst year on record for losses due to High Pathology Avian Influenza, affecting farms in all but three states nationally, with almost 60 million birds culled to control the disease's spread. This article concisely summarizes where the industry... more

Water at the Right Time, at the Right Place

Nov 15 2022 Most folks wouldn't think of the Upper Midwest/Great Lakes region as being dry. And in relative terms, it isn't. But as in many things, the impact of events is all in the timing. Getting water to developing crops at the right time and under the right... more

Encouraging Progress

Apr 26 2022 Slowly but surely the development of effective vaccines is wending its way through the creation process. A big hurdle was recently passed. https://www.nationalhogfarmer...... more

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