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Brucellosis: Whole Herd Testing Proves its Worth

Dec 31 2019 Through close, whole herd testing, Montana's cattle producers have been able to maintain a Brucellosis Class Free Status as a state. This successful program was instituted in 2010 for this exact purpose, and a very good outcome for the Montana Department of... more

Swine Strep Found

Dec 26 2019 Although more commonly found in horses, there have been a couple of recent cases of Swine Strep found in assembly yards as reported by PennAg Industries: https://www.lancasterfarming.com/swine-disease-detected-in-pennsylvania/article_320c600c-2657-11ea-a836-... more

Foreign Animal Diseases - The Real Bogeyman for Animal Agriculture

Oct 2 2019 Animal agriculture producers are all to aware of the negative impact diseases can have. In the last decade, the US livestock industry has suffered heavily at the hands of HPAI, PEDv and PRRS. But the worst are still offshore - African Swine Fever and Foot &... more

Everything's Connected

Sep 9 2019 Except to pork exporters, what's the big deal about the current African Swine Fever pandemic that is decimating China's pig population? Well, it might be of concern to you if you're about to have surgery of any kind, or are living with a heart condition. The... more

Milk Prices Still Firming

Aug 26 2019 https://www.farmprogress.com/d... Although still in the category of "cautious optimism", this report and forecast by the University of Wisconsin - Madison economist Bob Cropp gives some continuing hope to stressed dairy families and associated businesses.... more

African Swine Fever - Focused on Feed

Aug 4 2019 A number of pigs roughly equal to the entire American annual pig production has been the victim of the disease, and indirectly the eradication and control efforts in China alone over the last year. Much attention has been focused on feed, feed ingredients and... more

African Swine Fever Prevention

Apr 29 2019 USDA has been at the forefront of the effort to secure the US swine population. Efforts have included the training of detector dogs which have already been instrumental in the identification for seizure of approximately 1,000,000 pounds of pork product... more

Encouraging Take on Milk Prices

Apr 22 2019 A fair number of "if's" have to fall the right way, but this is the most encouraging outlook for the relative position of milk prices as we move through 2019. https://www.farmprogress.com/d... more

Waters of The United States

Feb 7 2019 The current administration is getting down to brass tacks in simplifying the definition of the EPA's Waters if the US, commonly referred to as WOTUS. Two months ago, EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers published their proposed rule change to facilitate... more

Give Skeptics the Boot!

Feb 5 2019 In the Strum & Drang of contemporary political discourse, this is a well written, cool evaluation of the role of international trade for agricultural producers, both currently and for the future. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/... Save this article... more

Innovation in Plant Photorespiration

Jan 18 2019 Fascinating preliminary results of two year study at the University of Illinois in increasing plant yields through the manipulation of the plant's own biochemistry. This has some really huge implications if the early indications pan out and can be scaled. ... more

Tough Times Continue for the Milking Parlor

Jan 14 2019 Dairy continues under high stress, with profitability more than elusive. Genetic development, better nutrition, constantly improving animal health management and production technology have all contributed to massive increases in efficiency - but even as dairy... more

Moving Horses - It's All in the Loading

Jan 13 2019 This is a brief, commonsense article on the pros and cons of trailering horses. A calm horse is a safe animal, to itself, other animals, and the people around it. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6490303192117628928 more

Genetic Selection - It's Natural!

Jan 9 2019 As IDEAL Agriculture & Marine Insurance has deepened our involvement in the poultry segment of animal agriculture over the years, we have seen firsthand the improvements in technology, nutrition, security, and animal welfare made. They have been... more

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