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Livestock and Major Physical Risks

Dec 21 2021 Starting the weekend of December 11/12 and for the next few days, Mother Nature was not kind to central North America. A clash between warm, humid air and cold dry air occurring at an unusual time of the year caused weather events resulting in heavy damage... more


Sep 14 2021 Excitement is building for this year's World Dairy Expo, the first since 2019. World Dairy Expo, COVID excepted, is held annually in Madison Wisconsin, creating the largest dairy-specific show in the world. Attendance includes thousands of international... more

Ag Exports Face A nother Obstacle

Sep 1 2021 Hurricane Ida's legacy is not a very good one; that's not to say there wasn't a bit of a silver lining. The good news: For the most part, the extensive improvements and rebuild of hurricane mitigation and water control systems devastated in Hurricane Katrina... more


Jun 28 2021 IDEAL is very active in Kansas, so just a quick shout-out to Cow Camp Ranch of Lost Springs, Kansas. A long time breeder now in their fourth generation of family management, they were recently named Seedstock Producer of the Year by the Beef Improvement... more

Foreign Disease - Not if but when!

Apr 23 2021 Thinking back to over a year ago I would have never thought that COIVD-19 would have ended up in the United States. Seeing all the news segments and watching the virus tear though Europe seemed so distant from our boarders that I didn’t give it too much... more

Out of This World

Mar 17 2021 As a youngster in elementary school, I remember in early May of 1961 partaking in a special school assembly where a large (for the times) black and white TV was set up before us and we had the opportunity to watch the liftoff from Cape Canaveral of first US... more

Plenty of Sunshine in the Forecast

Feb 22 2021 It seems like news is too often negative - employment gains slowing, fuel prices heading quickly up under the new administraiton, more talk of inflation - the list goes on. And while it is true farm incomes are down, keeping its relative drop in longer... more

Increasing Food Security

Feb 18 2021 I just love stories like this. It is a real world example of how the state of humanity has continued to improve over the years, and at an increasing pace. https://www.morningagclips.com... Constructed by the Norwegian government almost four decades ago, it is... more

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